Best Way To Whiten Your teeth

        What's the best way to whiten your teeth?


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The best way to whiten your teeth as quickly, effectively and safely as possible is the old fashioned way... using a tray-based bleaching system in combination with a quality peroxide bleaching gel.

There are claims that blue LED lamps will escalate the bleaching process which can potentially  contribute to sensitivities of the teeth and gums.  Unfortunately, the FDA does not regulate cosmetic dental whitening in the USA, so it is a 'buyer beware' market. The most cost effective, proven way to whitening your teeth (while avoiding sensitivity reactions) is by using the time-tested method of tray-based bleaching.

- Use a custom-made bleaching tray (preferably an impression-molded tray made either by your dentist or by a DIY kit that allows you to take your own impressions.

- Then use those trays in combination with a safe and effective peroxide-based bleaching gel to gradually whiten your teeth over the course of several weeks. If you prefer a lower cost option than the more expensive impression-based trays, Prima White offers high quality Thermo-form DIY self-impression trays.

- Dental bleaching is nothing new... it's been around for centuries and it's always been the same process of exposing yellow stained teeth to a bleaching agent.  By using today's precision bleaching trays and the refined peroxide-based bleaching gels, statistics show that it will take an average time-frame of 30 cumulative hours to get your teeth their whitest.  That means you need to wear your trays for a minimum of an hour per day for one month on average.  You be the judge of whatever fits your schedule and level of sensitivity. 

- Start with a short whitening session of only 30 minutes to test your potential sensitivities and ramp up from there.  Perhaps as you gain more experience, you will prefer to have a variety of concentrations (16%, 22%, 35% and 44%) of Carbamide peroxide in your teeth whitening arsenal to meet your specific needs and timeframes. You'll achieve the dramatic results that you deserve. #Let your confidence shine through!