Benefits of Glycerin-Free Bleaching Gel


  Are the non-active ingredients in a dental whitening gel important? 


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The answer is a resounding, yes they are! Most teeth whitening gels on the market contain glycerin which causes sensitivity to the teeth due to dehydration of the enamel and gum irritation due to the acidity of the product. Prima White Carbamide Peroxide gel is water-based, has a balanced PH level and it is glycerin free.

Glycerin  baced gel is very thick and cannot easily penetrate the tooth pores where staining occurs. This same thickness actually places the peroxide in a kind of molecular 'straight jacket' so does not have nominal ability to oxidize stains away. Lastly, its molasses-like viscosity inhibits the natural cleansing action of your soft tissues in the event you accidentally apply it to your gums or other soft oral tissue. Why do companies use it to formulate dental whitening gels? Simple, it’s cheap and it extends the shelf-life of their products.  This is great for manufacturers... not so great for consumers.

Other ingredients that are widely used in dental whitening gels are the amines.  They have been noted in recent studies as being related to cancer.  Since these are basically non-essential ingredients to dental whitening, it is best just to avoid them.  Always be sure to check your ingredient listing before use of a dental gel. If you see glycerin or amine, you may want to think about choosing a different formulation. 

If a product has no ingredient listing whatsoever, rest assured that it is not FDA compliant.